Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Statement in response to Superseal press release

In response to the comments from Superseal earlier today, a DSD Spokesperson said: “Minister McCausland has not suspended any double glazing replacement programmes nor did he order a review of contracts. Following advice from his Departmental technical staff he did ask the NIHE to review their specification for replacement window installation, something which the NIHE confirmed they had already commenced.

"Last year, 12/13, 8,660 Housing Executive homes were double glazed, 9,000 are planned for this year leaving approximately 4,000 to be completed in 14/15 thereby completing the PFG target to have all Housing Executive homes double glazed by 2015. This must be viewed against the NIHE’s original plans to double glaze its stock by 2021. Had Minister McCausland not increased the installation programme to install double glazing in all NIHE homes there would still be thousands of homes left with drafty single glazed frames.”

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