Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sports Minister attends international match at Windsor Park

The Minister for Sport, Carál Ní Chuilín, has attended the Northern Ireland versus Faroe Islands International Match at Windsor Park.

At the Irish Football Association (IFA) match, Minister Ní Chuilín said: "When I came into office I said that I would be a Minister for all cultures and all sports. Given this, and the fact that a significant section of our community support and participate in IFA organised games, and the IFA receives significant DCAL funding, it only proper that I would come along here tonight."

The football match is the team's crucial Euro 2012 qualifying game.

Speaking after the game, which finished 4 -0 the Minister said "It was a new experience and I enjoyed the game.  Congratulations to the team in securing the win that now takes them to 3rd spot in their qualifying group.

"I would like to wish them well for the remainder of their fixtures in the Euro 2012 competition and particularly in their next game against Serbia here in September."

The Minister said:  "In the past Windsor Park has been the scene of sectarian singing and chanting and I recognise the very real efforts that have been made by the IFA to tackle sectarianism at their matches and I hope my attendance here this evening contributes further to that effort.  I look forward to working with the IFA in providing inclusion for all; we still have some way to go despite work done to date.

"I look forward to the redevelopment of Windsor Park to ensure it continues to meet the strategic needs of the IFA and the team."