Saturday, 6 July 2013

Department of Justice – Proud to be at Pride

Justice Minister David Ford has visited Justice Corner at the Belfast Pride Festival.

Justice Corner offers an opportunity for a one-stop for visitors to discuss a range of criminal justice matters with officials. It includes stands from the Department of Justice, the Youth Justice Agency, the Policing Board, the Courts and Tribunals Service and the Public Prosecution Service.

The Department used the opportunity of Justice Corner to highlight a number of its ongoing initiatives such as the delivery of the community Safety Strategy (including tackling hate crime) and the ongoing work to improve the services for victims and witnesses of crime.

In wishing the organisers and visitors a successful day David Ford said: “Pride provides an excellent opportunity for staff from my Department, and other organisations in the justice sector, to talk to members of the LGBT community, their friends and family, about issues important to them. 

“This is the third year the Department has been represented at the event and this year visitors can find out about our support for victims and witnesses and on the delivery of the Community Safety Strategy which aims to build safer, shared and confident communities. 

“The Youth Justice Agency is also availing of the occasion to seek views on how to most effectively support victims of hate crime. 

“This is an important and worthwhile engagement event and I welcome the fact the justice sector is represented and it is only fitting that I am here to offer them support and thank them for their work in this field.”

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The Department of Justice Community Safety Strategy 2012-2017 'Building Safer, Shared and Confident Communities' aims to build:
  • Safer communities, with lower levels of crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • Shared communities, where each person’s rights are respected in a shared and cohesive community; and
  • Confident communities, where people feel safe and have confidence in the agencies that serve them.
The Community Safety Strategy can be downloaded from the Department’s website.

The DOJ Victim and Witnesses Strategy and Action Plan can be found on the 
Department’s website

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