Thursday, 17 March 2011

Robinson and McGuinness meet Obama in White House

First Minister the Rt. Hon. Peter D. Robinson MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP, MLA, have met with President Obama in The White House.
Speaking after the meeting in the Oval Office the First Minister said: "We greatly appreciate the audience we've had with President Obama today. He reaffirmed his support and ongoing commitment and that of his administration to the development of the Northern Ireland economy. He was keen to hear of progress since the devolution of policing and justice powers. We thanked him for his continued support and pressed on him the importance of inward investment as we strive to deliver a stable society, bolstered by economic growth."
Mr McGuinness said: "As we come to the end of the first full uninterrupted Assembly term we outlined to the President the progress we have made, the challenges we face and our commitment that we would continue to move forward. It would be a tremendous boost if he was able to pay an official visit before the end of this term. Such a visit would further cement the great relationship we've enjoyed with successive US administrations during recent years."

Robinson and McGuinness - Northern Irish creative industries are truly world class

First Minister Rt Hon Peter D. Robinson MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP MLA have told an audience of US business and political leaders that the creative industries in Northern Ireland are truly world class.
Speaking at the annual business breakfast hosted by the Northern Ireland Bureau to mark St Patrick's Day the Ministers described the local growth of the local creative industries sector as truly remarkable.
First Minister Peter D. Robinson said: "Northern Ireland has over the course of recent years developed a creative industries sector that is attracting significant global attention. In recent years productions by HBO and Universal have created hundreds of jobs and generated millions for the economy. Productions funded by NI Screen have generated a return of some £45million in the last three years alone.
"The creative industries are leading the way creating jobs and helping to rebalance and grow our economy. By encouraging creativity, we will fuel the emergence of creative ideas, creative people and creative enterprises. We will create a culturally rich society that will encourage people to live, work and invest in Northern Ireland."
Mr McGuinness said: "Ireland is renowned for its culture, its creativity and art. Every corner of the island is alive with enterprise, art and creative thinking -creative thinking to deliver political progress, creative thinking to breakdown community barriers and tackle inequality and creative thinking to promote economic growth for the benefit of all.
"Today's theme is creative industries and some 4.6% of our workforce, over 36,000 people, are employed in these sectors and are playing an ever increasing role in our efforts to rebalance the economy."

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


First Minister Peter D. Robinson MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP MLA have congratulated the Ireland cricket team on their historic victory over England in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Following the match Mr Robinson said: "This is an outstanding achievement by the Irish cricket team. To defeat one of the best sides in the world by chasing down a runs total of over 300 is quite remarkable.

"Kevin O'Brien's stunning century, the fastest in the history of the Cricket World Cup, must rank as one of the greatest individual performances in the history of Irish sport."

Mr McGuinness said: "There are few who would have thought it possible that Ireland could have improved on their achievements at the last world cup. However today's victory surely represents the pinnacle of Irish cricketing achievement, even surpassing their great victory over Pakistan four years ago.

"I would both like to congratulate the whole team and all involved with Cricket Ireland. I hope that this victory will lead to further success in the tournament."


Sports Minister Nelson McCausland has praised the Ireland cricket team after they defeated England in the World Cup earlier today.
"This is a historic win for the Ireland team," the Minister said.
"To defeat an England side packed with household names, and fresh from victory in the Ashes, is a truly remarkable achievement.
"While Ireland may have been the underdogs, they showed skill, courage and sportsmanship to beat one of the world's cricketing superpowers.
The Minister added: "It was a superb team effort, but praise must go to Kevin O'Brien for a magnificent century which will no doubt go down in history."