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#AskDE Twitter Q&A 26 June 2014 - Transcript of questions and answers

Education Minister John O'Dowd took over the @niexecutive twitter for a live Q&A on Thursday 26 June 2014.

Minister O'Dowd answered 22 questions over the hour. The full transcript of the Q&A is available below.

Education Minister John O'Dowd up next to answer your questions over the following 60 minutes. Follow #AskDE to keep track

Question 1 from @SarahC201
When is the new education campus in Omagh been built and why knock down the houses over there they could be used #askDE

@SarahC201 Construction begins January 2015 for 5 years. Existing housing needs to be demolished to make way for new schools #AskDE

Question 2 from @BionicIguana

@niexecutive #AskDE Why do we continue to allow religious indoctrination in publicly funded schools?

@Bioniclguana Schools deliver core RE topics and add to them as per ethos. Parents can withdraw children from RE class if they wish #AskDE

Question 3 from @MartyGlynn

Will the minister be releasing a statement with regards to the Bus Campaign. @niexecutive #busanois #AskDE#ÓBhéalAnChapaill

@MartyGlynn I am actively investigating how to resolve this matter #AskDE

Question 4 from @ColaisteFeirste

A Aire, an mbeidh réiteach ar Fheachtas Bus an Tuaiscirt roimh thús na scoilbhliana i Meán Fómhair? #AskDE #BusAnois

@ColaisteFeirste Tá mé ag iarraidh teacht ar réiteach chomh luath agus is feidir #AskDE

[NB Q4 is Irish version of Q3, both questions regarding bus service to Coláiste Feirste]

Question 5 from @conormccaffrey8

How do you justify destroying hard working teachers pension plans/life by changing the game 3 days before due to retire #AskDE

@conormccaffrey8 This is not a pensions issue but a redundancy issue. No final decisions yet made #AskDE

Question 6 from @Drumahoe31

Why when the Management Committee of a Vol. Playgroup requests to transform to Statutory status, do you refuse their request?#AskDE

@Drumahoe31 I consider each case on its own merits. Full rationale for decision here #AskDE

Question 7 from @Drumahoe31

Why was Millennium IPS able to transform Playgroup places (27/514) to statutory provision which we are told is against DE policy? #AskDE

@Drumahoe31 Full rationale of Millennium IPS decision here

Question 8 from @jrainey36
Have you any plans to put coding in the KS2 and/or KS3 curriculum? If so, when? #askDE

@jrainey36 The curriculum is flexible and schools can teach coding if they so wish#AskDE

Question 9 from @treacy_maria
#AskDE Will DE investigate prevalence of children with brain injury & explore how other DE globally support Educators training&SEN delivery

@treacy_maria No plans to investigate prevalence but appropriate support is provided for pupils with brain injury #askDE

@treacy_maria SEN teachers get specialised training to support & cater for pupils with range of complex needs #AskDE

Question 10 from @FermanaghTrust
@niexecutive when will you make announcement on which shared campus applicants have been successful? #AskDE

@FermanaghTrust I am currently finalising arrangements to announce successful bids#AskDE

Question 11 from @RicePUP
@niexecutive why continue with the closure of Newtownbreda High School when it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to do so?#AskDE

@RicePUP This is a new beginning which will ensure that current & future pupils have access to high quality education #AskDE

Question 12 from @seatzie
@niexecutive #AskDE do you not think splitting kids education based on religion is bit 19th C? how does society progress if segregated at 5?

@seatzie Parents have right to give preference for type of education they want for their children; a range of sectors are available#AskDE

Question 13 from @JFulton
What role do you see integrated education having in an inclusive and shared future?#askde

@1JFulton Integrated education will play a positive role in a shared future #AskDE

Question 14 from @maddyb50
Will the recent judicial review ruling lead to revision of Area Based Planning policy so as to meet demand for integrated education?#AskDE

@maddyb50 I plan to review internal guidance to ensure it is consistent with the judgment #AskDE

Question 15 from @SaveCGS
#AskDE Have you any response to the 7000+ people who signed a petition against the closure of the Collegiate Grammar School?

@SaveCGS Consultation on Collegiate/Portora proposal open until 14 July. Final decision after all info, including petition, collated #AskDE

Question 16 from @SPADE_ekn
@niexecutive when will Devenish College get their long awaited new build? It's been a decade and not a brick has been laid #AskDE

@SPADE_ekn New build for Devenish announced Jan 2013 to proceed in planning. Project planning ongoing #AskDE

Question 17 from @SPADE_ekn
And is it fair that we are being told that the new build can only come about if there is an amalgamation between Portora & Collegiate#AskDE

@SPADE_ekn Two build schemes not connected; Devenish will proceed whether Portora/Collegiate merger proceeds or not#AskDE

Question 18 from @allisonbreadon
#AskDE will Newtownbreda high school stay on the same ground. Or will it be moved?

@allisonbreadon Options are being examined for site for new amalgamated school #AskDE

Question 19 from @j_cask
@niexecutive Has anyone taken any responsibility for the failure of ESA? Or will this waste be continued to be swept under the carpet #AskDE

@j_cask I am preparing a paper for @niexecutive on the way forward #AskDE

Question 20 from @EybenKarin
#AskDE what is the Department's policy with regards schools that have closed and transferring asset for community use?

@EybenKarin DE is piloting projects to examine ways of transferring assets to the community #AskDE

Question 21 from @J_Cotts
@niexecutive #AskDE Why did you never meet with Newtownbreda High School, staff, pupils & concerned parents in the early stages?

@J_Cotts Yesterday the judge dismissed the case against amalgamation #AskDE

Question 22 from @VGreens
What does minister plan to do to address underachievement amongst working class, male, and protestant demographics? #askDE

@LVGreens @niexecutive’s signature literacy & numeracy scheme plus changes to school funding both targeted at disadvantaged children #AskDE

That's it from me. I wish everyone a happy, safe and enjoyable summer #AskDE

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