Saturday, 2 April 2011

Justice Minister condemns murder of police officer

The Minister, who has been briefed by the Chief Constable and spoken to Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter, has said that people across Ireland will be sickened by the killing of the officer.

David Ford said: "Firstly my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the police officer and I send my condolences to them.

"This brutal murder will be condemned without reservation across the political spectrum and will shock and sicken people both North and South .

"Those responsible for the murder have nothing to offer the people of Northern Ireland but heartache and suffering.

"They represent no-one and yet have today murdered in a cowardly and ultimately pointless way a man who was drawn from this community and was serving this community, merely because of the service he was providing. I know the disgust and hurt many will feel at this act and would ask anyone with information which could bring those responsible to justice to tell the PSNI immediately."

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